Pre-pay: for when the Formula is completed...

Pre-pay: for when the Formula is completed...
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Product Description

The Formula of Life Gerevivify, will be expensively made, and expensive to buy. {And in short supply for years, so first come first serve} It will be needed to be taken for up to ten years. Rejuvenation will begin within months, and will assure those Born of Adam extended Life. Living centuries instead of mere decades.

The formula enters the cell system, with organic Nano cleaners {literally Phagocytes of organic Nano matter} which remove the decomposers and anything not of the body. And will Strengthen the Stem Cell system, causing it to multiply ten fold.

{There is also a diet that must be maintained, a good diet, which can be bought in most stores by the Gerevivify users own discretion. But there will be purer products available through the Adam and Eve Company} To clean and restore each cell, along with the formula. Giving strength and vitality to the Somatic cell system of mankind. Evolving mankind into a new stronger and more vibrant Life form.

Each one month supply of the Elixir {which the date of the completed elixir is not set} due to our now gathering the funds. But once complete, each one month supply will cost 3500.00 to 5000.00 per person. But prepay will just be 2000.00 per one month supply. Just indicate how many months you would like to prepay for in the product box... Respect

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