Share Holding in Adam and Eve's Gerevivify "The Elixir of Life."

Share Holding in Adam and Eve's Gerevivify "The Elixir of Life."
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Product Description

The Money being raised here at Adam and Eve is to propel us all into the Future/History. {call us or e-mail us, unless you want to just make a quick transaction with your credit card/debit card, to become a partner in History} and your share holder certificates, will be sent in the mail.

All money is used for the support of the Fledgling Production Laboratory and researchers/and budding Institute. You will share in a percentage of the profits, and share in the development of the already located formula. And receive the formula {Major investors, of $500,000.00 or more will receive the Elixir "Gerevivify" for Life, as part of the partnership}

We need production Laboratories and Chemists/researchers to now formulate the all ready found cure. The cure and algorithm is set for development, its ingredients found. We merely need to gather the organic matter/materials needed from around the world. The combined data of mankind's history and research has yielded this cure.

Which when taken Gerevivify, will clean and restore the somatic cell system of mankind. And bring us into Rejuvenation and much extended Life, living centuries instead of decades. And the dietary restrictions will help keep us free of the radical particles which decompose us as we live and breath.

Investor share holding starting at 120.00 per investor share. {3,000,000 shares available} Merely indicate how many shares. {100 share minimum} And we will mail you the voucher certificates within days. Or partnerships at $750,000.00 for a full 7% percent partnership.

After a certain age, 80 years old and up {the elderly} one must take Gerevivify, along with other medical treatments, to ensure centuries instead of mere decades of Life and existence. And all will be on a special diet, that helps keep the infection from returning, that are specially grown and harvested foods, grown by way of the Gerevivify Algorithm .. Respect .. r.p.Berry

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