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The Products for sale here on this website. Are meant for the support of Adam and Eve {data} Research, and for the establishment of the future Institute and production laboratories, as well as the formulation of the Medical Elixir Gerevivify.

{The organic compounds have already been found for the cure, as well as the process of growing the organics has been developed. We search for {hopefully} 3,000,000 share holders and more. To help us cure all of the diseases contracted by the life form called Woman/Man on earth, through the infection we call aging and AEWR calls the Senesonic/Sensonic Pandemic Plague. The many diseases associated with the infection which we contract through the soils, water, the Foods, and through the air we breath, and the surfaces we touch. A Minimum purchase of one hundreds shares. Listed below in the product listings..}

Adam and Eve's Gerevivify is going to be a true Panacea, in all the meaning of the term. A cure for the now end of the Disease/Pandemic Plague called aging, and keeping us free of all ailments, by strengthening the entire somatic cell system of Womankind/Man. The Disease that we call the Senesonic/Sensonic Plague {at AEWR} due to the many acids made by the infection, that again, mankind calls aging..

So please purchase our Products/and shares/and or partner and invest with us. So we may heal the 3,000,000 and more who deserve to be healed by this Amazing Elixir of Life and Algorithm, "Gerevivify"... r.p.Berry

{International deliveries will be subject to special shipping rates. So please call us, or e-mail us for that information} In America a 6.00 shipping rate applies to all purchases..Respect

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